Stained Glass Corner

Custom Creations

So you have an idea for a custom stained glass creation. What now?

Here’s how the process generally works –

1. Contact Nina – use the contact form below to make an appointment for an initial consultation. Consultations can be by phone, zoom, skype, or in person. During this first conversation, you can present your ideas, let Nina know about any space requirements, etc. Nina will ask questions, offer suggestions, and the two of you will work together to come up with your design.  At this time, you can also discuss your budget for the work, and Nina will offer an loose estimate. This initial estimate will be a range; and a more precise estimate will be offered after the design idea is complete.

2.  Design Process Begins – After this first consultation, Nina will get to work on your ideas. She will take some time to draw up a few designs based on your conversations.

3. Consultation #2 – You and Nina will schedule another appointment to go over the designs Nina has come up with. You can offer your feedback, and the two of you will work together to finalize your ideas.

4. Re-Design Stage – after the second consultation, if any changes are needed, Nina will go back to the drawing board and make any changes that you have requested. This step may or may not be necessary.

5. Agreement Phase – When you have decided on the final design, the next step is to choose your glass and colors. At this time, Nina will also provide a more precise quote, and you will agree on the final price.

6. Down payment – When you have agreed upon the design and the final price, you will be asked for half down as a deposit. This will allow Nina to purchase your glass and begin working.

7. The work begins! – Nina will give you a time estimate, usually around one month or so. When the piece is ready to be delivered, the final balance is due.

8. Enjoy Your Stained Glass Creation!

Contact Nina Today for Your Design Consultation

We are excited to work with you! Please use the form below to reach out with your questions, comments, or ideas. Nina will get back to you to schedule your first consultation. Just a quick note: Please double check to make sure you have entered your email address correctly. We can’t reply to an incorrect address. If you prefer a phone call, be sure to include your phone number in the message area. Thank you!